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2006 How Money Spent

Where the Money Goes

Funds raised through the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer event series go to the Avon Foundation.  The Avon Foundation has implemented a sophisticated and comprehensive need-based philanthropic strategy that addresses every facet of breast cancer. Recognizing the complexity of the problem of breast cancer among all groups of women, the Avon Foundation is distinguished from most other donors that fund a single institution or scientific investigator by supporting a virtual national network of research, medical, social service and community-based organizations, each of which is making a unique contribution to helping patients or advancing breast cancer research. The Avon Foundation awards funding in breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, support services and scientific research, including prevention and therapeutic vaccine studies.

Breast cancer beneficiaries range from leading cancer centers to community-based, non-profit breast health programs. Each beneficiary is selected through a rigorous review process that includes the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Scientific Advisory Board and the Avon Foundation Board of Directors. Programs and institutions must satisfy strict criteria that align with the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade's mission of funding access to care and finding a cure for breast cancer. The Foundation makes grants only to organizations and institutions having tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. A majority of the net proceeds raised through the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer will be granted to breast cancer programs in the geographic areas where the Walk events are held.

A detailed listing of benefiting organizations can be found at http://www.avonfoundation.org/, and details of funding announcements at past Avon Walks can be found in the Press Center section of this website.

How much money actually goes to the cause?
Total Avon Foundation revenue in 2004 was $55.7 million.  Expenditures, including grants, totaled $46.9 million.  Of total expenditures for the year:

  • 71% was directed to mission programs and services, including grants, gifts and awards to beneficiary organizations
  • 11% covered management and general activities
  • 18% covered fundraising expenses

These results exceed philanthropic fundraising guidelines.

The overall mission of the Avon Foundation embraces two key areas:  women’s empowerment, focusing on the issue of domestic violence; and breast cancer.  Of the total Avon Foundation 2004 expenditures on programs and services, 90% was directed to access to care and finding a cure for breast cancer, including: funding for education and awareness; screening and diagnosis; support services; access to clinical care; and research.  The Avon Foundation’s focus is on the medically underserved.

The Avon Foundation’s full 2004 audited results can be found at http://www.avonfoundation.org/.  2005 results will be available once final auditing has been completed.

How much money have the Avon Walks already raised?
From 2003-2005, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer event series coast-to-coast has raised more than $100 million.

Why is the funding announced at Walk Closing Ceremonies so much less than the total raised?
The Avon Foundation announces only the initial gifts to local organizations at the Closing Ceremony of each Avon Walk event. Some of these organizations may be new beneficiaries while others may be new gifts to organizations that have been previously awarded funding from the Avon Foundation. The initial local gifts are reviewed and approved by the Avon Foundation Board in advance of each Avon Walk, before final fundraising is known.

Additional monies raised by each Walk, along with funds raised by other Avon Foundation activities, are combined and granted to breast cancer organizations throughout the country on an ongoing basis. For a complete explanation of the Avon Foundation’s granting process, please visit http://www.avonfoundation.org/ or for specific questions contact info@avonfoundation.org.

Will any of the money raised go towards research that uses animal testing?
No. Effective November 1, 2001, the policy of the Avon Foundation is that no Avon Breast Cancer Crusade funds will be used to support breast cancer research projects involving the use of animals.