1. What is the date of the Relay?
    Sunday, June 8, 2008
  2. What time does it start?
    The Relay will have a staggered start.  The first group of teams will start at 7:30 AM and the last group will start at approximately 9:30 AM. All start times will be determined by race officials based on your team’s projected finishing time.  To keep times as accurate as possible, penalties will be assessed if your team finishes significantly ahead or behind the projected time.
  3. How do we figure out our projected finish time?
    Each team member is asked for their 10k pace (in total minutes not per mile) upon registering.  Using these numbers we will establish preliminary start times.  By May 28th, all Team Captains must submit their final team roster which will include an updated 10k pace for each team member. From there we will determine the final projected finishing time and your team’s start time.
  4. Can our team request a specific start time?
    We understand everyone has busy schedules but the Relay cannot accommodate requested start times.  The purpose of the staggered start is to create a safer event with runners staying closer to one another over the course of the 50-mile route and create a more exciting finish line experience for all teams. 
  5. Where does the Relay start?
    The Relay starts at Bear Mountain State Park
  6. Where does the Relay finish?
    The Relay finishes at New Roc City in downtown New Rochelle, NY
  7. How long is the Relay?
    The Relay spans 50 miles in total, each leg is between 3 - 9 miles. Click here for route details.
  8. What kind of terrain does the Relay traverse?
    The Need For Speed Relay has a leg that will appeal to all types of runners! Whether you like to stay on the straight and narrow (paved roads) or prefer to let it all hang out (dirt, rock trails), there is something for everyone! Click here for route details.
  9. What if it rains?
    The Need For Speed Relay Against Domestic Violence takes place RAIN or SHINE !!!
  10. Is there a time limit to complete the Relay?
    The Relay Course will close 10 hours after the start at 5:30 pm. To complete the Relay within this timeframe, your team should average a speed of 10 minute per mile. This does not mean every runner must run a 10 minute mile but the team’s average speed must be within the 10 minutes per mile range.
  11. Can I walk the Relay?
    Due to time limits imposed by the municipalities we access, we cannot allow teams or team members to be walkers.
  12. Will refreshments be provided at the Start, at exchange areas and at the Finish?
    Water will be provided at the start of the Relay and each team will be give one case of water to pack in their cars or vans for the route. Water will be available to finishing runners at each Exchange Area (and along certain secluded spots on the route). There will also be food and beverages at the Finish Line.
  13. What else happens at the Finish Line?
    Entertainment, food, sponsor booths and an award ceremony will be featured. Spectators will also be able cheer finishers on at the festive finish line.
  14. How do runners get from the Start to the Finish?
    Each team is responsible for their own transportation from the Start to each Exchange Area and to the Finish.
  15. How many vehicles are permitted for each team?
     Each team will be permitted to travel in up to two (2) official team vehicles, although we strongly encourage each team travel in one (1) vehicle.  However, due to space limitations at certain Exchange Areas, only one vehicle per team will be permitted in certain Exchange Areas.  Please reference the Exchange Area rules in the Team Captain Handbook for specific details.
  16. Will there be a shuttle back to the Start to get our cars?
    No, transportation back to the Start will not be provided. You should not plan on meeting your team at the Start.
  17. Where can I stay close to the Start line the night before the Relay?
    Accommodations are limited near Bear Mountain. Please check the Event Details page regularly for updates.
  18. Where can I rent a large vehicle to transport the team?
    We recommend renting a 15-passenger van or a large SUV to accommodate your team. Depending on where you’re coming from, check online for rental car companies in your vicinity.
  19. Can a runner meet their team at an Exchange Area?
    All runners must be with their team at the Start. Special requests should be directed to the Relay Office at 1.888.NFS.RELAY.


  1. How many runners make a team?
    There are 9 legs in the Need For Speed Relay. Each team must have at least 6, and no more than 9, members. If your team chooses to have fewer than 9 members, at least one runner will run a second leg. No runner can run more than two legs.
  2. Can I run the Relay alone?
    Unfortunately, we cannot accept individuals or ultra teams (less than 6 runners) this year. We encourage you to join a team and vie for great prizes. Check out the Forum to find a team.
  3. Can I only register online?
    No, online registration is the fastest way to register but we can accept mailed and/or faxed registrations from the Team Captain (click here to download a PDF) and Team Members (click here to download a PDF). Submission information is on the form.
  4. What if my team doesn’t have 6 members?
    If you’re having trouble finding enough members to complete your team, post a message on the Forum asking someone to join your team. Let us know once you’ve found the right runner for your team and we’ll add the runner to your roster.
  5. How can I participate without running?
    The Need For Speed Relay can’t happen without many dedicated volunteers. If running in the Relay isn’t in the cards, we hope you’ll join us as a volunteer. Click here to volunteer.
  6. How do I join a team once I’ve found a team?
    Once you find the right team for you, send an email to Info@NeedForSpeedRelay.org and we will transfer your information to the appropriate team. When you email, please be sure to include the Team Name, Team Captain, mailing address, email address and a day phone number. You can also call the hotline (1.888.NFS.RELAY) to provide this information.
  7. Can you change teams?
    You can change teams until May 28, 2008 without penalty. To make a change to your team, email Info@NeedForSpeedRelay.org or call 1.888.NFS.RELAY with the changes.
  8. Can you change team category?
    Yes, you can change your team category until May 15, 2008. Email the new category to Info@NeedForSpeedRelay.org.
  9. What qualifies as a co-ed team category?
    Co-Ed teams must have 3 women for teams of 6 or 7 members and 4 women for team of 8 or 9 members.
  10. What happens if there are 1 or 2 women on the team?
    Can we still participate? Absolutely! If your team has less than 3 women for teams with 6 or 7 members or less than 4 women for teams with 8 or 9 members, you can still participate but you will compete in the appropriate Men’s category.
  11. Who pays the Registration Fee?
    The Team Captain is responsible for paying the registration fee. If your company, organization, club, etc. will be paying the registration fee and can only pay with a check, download a Team Captain Registration Form, complete all the fields, attach payment and mail to: Need For Speed Relay, c/o Avon Foundation, P.O. Box 10731, Rye, NY 10580
  12. Why should I create a password for my team?
    Creating a team password allows ONLY the people you invite to join your team. Without a password, it is possible for someone looking for a team to join your team.
  13. What is the minimum age requirement to participate?
    You must be at least 18 years of age on June 8, 2008 in order to be a team captain, and at least 16 years of age to be a team member. Those under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the liability waiver as well.
  14. What is the minimum age requirement to be a volunteer?
    Route Marshal volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. Other volunteers of all ages are welcome.
  15. How can I find my participant ID number?
    If you register online, you'll first see your Participant ID number in the confirmation e-mail you receive after registering. It will also be clearly posted on your “My Relay Center” page. For mail-in registrants, the packet you receive with your donation form and envelope prominently features your participant ID number. If you are in doubt, call 1.888.NFS.RELAY and we can look it up for you.


  1. Who do I contact if I’m having trouble accessing “my Relay center”?
    If you are experiencing problems with your Relay page, email the webmaster at webmaster@needforspeedRelay.org.
  2. I’m having trouble adding photos to “my relay center” You may be having a hard time adding photos because they are too large.
    Images must be .jpg files and the maximum acceptable file size is 200kb. Images will be automatically resized to fit in a 300x400 pixel space.
  3. How can I fix an error on my online registration?
    If you notice an error on your online registration, email Info@NeedForSpeedRelay.org with the appropriate correction.
  4. I want to add a runner to my team, how can I do that?
    If you would like to add a runner you found through the Message Board, email the name of the person to Info@NeedForSpeedRelay.org and we will add the runner to your team. You will get an email indicating that the runner has joined your team. Otherwise, all team members must register separately. We recommend you email or call your team members and encourage them to join the team.



  1. Do I have to fundraise to participate?
    We encourage all team members to raise or donate at least $75 to help the children of domestic violence but, no, fundraising is not required to participate. Fundraising is easy and the more you raise, you will qualify for great individual and team prizes. In addition, when you raise $75 or more, you will receive a special gift bag and access to VIP party at the finish line!
  2. Can I fundraise if I volunteer?
    Absolutely!! We hope everyone involved in the Need For Speed Relay Against Domestic Violence will join in the fight to end the cycle of domestic violence.
  3. Can I transfer my fundraising monies to a team member?
    If you are unable to participate, you are able to transfer your fundraising dollars to the replacement runner only.
  4. How do I donate to a team or a runner?
    Click Donate on the left navigation bar and you will be prompted to donate to a runner or a volunteer. You will need to know the name of at least one runner on the team. At this time we cannot accept donations to a team.
  5. Can my donors get tax receipts?
    Most donors use either their credit card receipts or cancelled checks as donation receipts. Online donors will receive an e-mail confirming their gift and will also be directed to a printable confirmation page when their donation is complete. As required by the IRS, anyone making a single donation of $250 or more will receive a hard-copy receipt directly from the Avon Foundation. For more information please complete the request form by clicking here.
  6. Will my donors be contacted by the Need for Speed Relay or anyone else?
    Donor names and contact information will never be sold or shared beyond the Avon Foundation. Donors will always have the opportunity to “opt out” of any and all communications both at the time of donation and upon receipt of any communication from the Foundation.
  7. Do you accept donations by check?
    Yes. Checks should be made payable to "Need for Speed Relay" and should include your participant ID number on the check. You should mail check donations, along with your completed Donation Form, to Need For Speed Relay, c/o Avon Foundation, P.O. Box 1073, Rye, NY 10580
  8. Can my team fundraise as a group?
    You can certainly help each other fundraise (it’s a great way to do it!), but you'll need to direct group donations into individual accounts.
  9. How do we get credited for matching gifts from our donors’ employers?
    Matching gift forms from the Company should be completed and sent to: Need for Speed Relay-Matching Gifts, c/o Avon Foundation, P.O. Box 1073, Rye, NY 10580. Matching gift amounts will only be credited to your account once the check has been received from the company. Please include runner’s name and participant ID number on the form.
  10. What is the Avon Foundation tax ID number?
    The Avon Foundation tax ID number is 13-6128447.


  1. Who can I contact if I’d like to be a sponsor of the Need For Speed Relay?
    If you are interested in supporting the Avon Foundation Need for Speed Relay Against Domestic Violence with a cash or in-kind donation, you can send an email to Sponsorship@NeedForSpeedRelay.org.


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